Goat Ricotta

Do you ever walk around a grocery store with a greedy instinct, getting anything and everything within your reach because “you never know when you might need a cart full of food?” I do, sometimes. It happened the other day when I was at Trader Joe’s. When I came home I placed a newly acquired carton of goat milk and buttermilk in the door of our French-door fridge. As days went by, every time I opened the fridge I would think to myself, “I really need to use that goat milk soon or it is going to go bad.” Then I would go about my work around the house.

Well, a week or two went by without me even touching the cartons. Finally Saturday came around and I had some time to party it up in the kitchen (gotta love Saturdays!). So this is what I decided to make: goat ricotta cheese. After all, I’ve made ricotta cheese before and it isn’t that difficult. And ricotta cheese is great inside homemade ravioli, lasagna, or even wrapped up in thin slices of meat, whether ham, turkey, or chicken. But this was my first time to work with goat milk. Oh my! So good…and so easy!


Homemade Goat Ricotta


  • 1000ml goat milk (4 cups)
  • 250ml buttermilk (1 cup)
  • Cheese salt, to taste


  1. Place a strainer or colander in the sink. Line it with a clean cheese cloth, which has been dipped in boiling water to kill any bacteria.
  2. Slowly heat up the goat milk and the buttermilk in a big pot. Stir occasionally. As the liquid is cooking you will see how the milk changes into white curds and transparent, yellowish whey.
  3. Pour the contents of the pot into the colander and let sit for a couple minutes until the cheese has reached the desired thickness. Add as much or as little salt as you wish. Store in a container in the fridge. You can experiment with different fresh herbs, e.g. basil, rosemary, or thyme; it all depends on what you need the cheese for.