Prosciutto & Melon Bruschetta with a Balsamic Spread

  I used to say that Italy was my second home. When Summer came around we would pack the essential things in my family and drive down to Camping Marina De Venezia, located on Punta… Continue reading

“Pizza” Pasta Salad

I often hear people say that California does not have any seasons. I, myself, used to be a firm believer of that claim. But since I moved here I have come to the realization… Continue reading

Baked Spring Rolls with Carrots, Potatoes and Beets

  When I think of the Danish cuisine and what is characteristic about it I always think of the following items:  elderflower, rye, cardamom, herring, mirabelle plums, chives, gooseberries, redcurrants and red beets. I am… Continue reading

Ristede Løg: Crisp Onions

  Ristede løg, or crisp onions, are most often eaten as part of a good ol’ Danish hot dog (think heated hot dog bread and bratwurst, ketchup and mustard, crisp onion and pickled thinly sliced cucumbers… Continue reading

Milka Chocolate Cowboy Cookies

  If you have ever lived or traveled in Denmark you will probably agree when I say that everything there is expensive: cars, houses, gas, food. I knew families who took their cars, drove to Sweden… Continue reading

Mini Bacon & Potato Pies

  Pie Dough Ingredients: 300g flour (10-11 oz) 200g butter (1 1/2 stick) 1/2 tsp salt 100ml buttermilk (3 oz) Directions: Crumble the butter into the flour in a bowl, add salt and mix.  Add… Continue reading

Kærnemælkskoldskål: Cold Buttermilk Soup with Mini Liquorice Kammerjunkere

  This buttermilk soup, known as kærnemælkskoldskål (the direct translation is ‘buttermilk cold bowl’), is a Danish Summer dessert eaten with kammerjunkere, a type of Danish cookies, crumbled on top. It reminds every Dane of long,… Continue reading

Ris à l’amande Brûlée with Peach Compote

  Ris à l’amande is a Danish Christmas dessert, made up of left-over rice pudding (cold), almonds, sugar, vanilla and cream, and served with warm cherry sauce on top. In Denmark, it is only… Continue reading

Danish Marzipan Macaroons

  A Danish macaroon is quite different from a French macaroon. The Danish almost tastes like baked marzipan (and basically, it is. The exact same ingredients are used to make the two)! Be creative… Continue reading

Strawberry Cream Filling

  Yesterday we invited some of our friends over for crêpes, completely forgetting that we had run out of eggs and did not have many exciting things to serve with the crêpes. So while… Continue reading